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Origin of the Harmony Necklace

The Origin of the Harmony Necklace

The ancient tradition of the harmony necklace originates from the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, but can be found throughout the world.

The women on Bali wore these chime pendants to soothe their babies during and after pregnancy.

In Mayan culture, these harmony necklaces were referred to as “Angel Callers” or “Angel Whisperers” and they were believed to provide inner calm and harmony by calling to the child's guardian angel.

After birth, new moms continue to wear the necklaces to comfort their babies, especially during breastfeeding or at nap time, as the baby recognizes the gentle chime of the harmony ball which they associate with the warmth and presence of their mothers.

The necklaces are then handed down as keepsakes for future generations.

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