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Ring of Protection

Ball Color

Our "Ring of Protection" design features a ring of 6 hearts surrounding a circle that symbolizes the love and protection that a mother provides for her baby in the womb.

The ring of hearts also create a star design, commonly known as the "Star of David" or "Shield of David" which has been a symbol of strength and protection for thousands of years.

Perfect for all mothers who want to give a little protection and strength to their baby.

Locket Cage Size :20mm

Chain Length :30 inches

Chain Length Note

If you want to wear it low on your belly, we recommend the longer black cord necklace (45 inches). We are happy to replace the 30in chain with the 45in black cord, just send us an email after you place your order.

Many of our customers prefer the flexibility of both lengths, so we have also made the 45in Cord available for purchase here.

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