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"Melting Hearts"

Ball Color

Our "Melting Hearts" necklace truly symbolizes what it means to be a new mother. It is especially treasured by "first time" moms, as it speaks to the unconditional love one experiences when having their first child.

Two hearts that become one is something that all moms can relate to after celebrating the miracle of life for the first time!

Because you never knew you could love anything as much as the precious baby you are now holding in your arms!

Locket Cage Size : 20mm
Chain Length : 30 inches

Chain Length Note

If you want to wear it low on your belly, we recommend the longer black cord necklace (45 inches). We are happy to replace the 30in chain with the 45in black cord, just send us an email after you place your order.

Many of our customers prefer the flexibility of both lengths, so we have also made the 45in Cord available for purchase here.

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